my halloween transformation

©2011 gary

There’s a Halloween transformation going on – nothing too scary though, just some coding and a redirection. My new look and location for my daily photoblog is ALIVE! Things may shift a little as I tweak and refine the design, but the content will remain the same. Take a look around and please share with your friends.

With A Passing Glimpse’s new look and new home, I’ve migrated all of my previous posts to my domain and everything is finally housed together. All previous links to my blog will redirect to my new location. If you bookmarked my previous Blogger address, please take a moment to update.

Many thanks to John over at Tentblogger for the great tutorial on migrating from Blogger to WordPress. This was done while sipping a few cups of coffee, no frustration, and most importantly without losing SEO or links. The instructions were seamless. Thanks John!

As always, thanks for everyone who drops in to follow what I’m doing. A Passing Glimpse has been a creative tool that continues to stretch me artistically every day. No tricks, just treats.


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