A Wish for the World

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in A Passing Glimpse

Christmas Eve is here. Here is Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Instead of preparing my traditional fare of holiday aromas and deliciousness for the family, I’m sitting in a relaxing leather chair with dark wood arm rests, atop the crow’s nest of the M.S. Zuiderdam.

The room is filled with plenty of suntanned faces I’ve never seen before. With a joyful announcement from the bar at the other end of the room that two for one happy hour specials are now in affect, several faces look even happier than they had minutes ago. I too am happy…. and sober. My tall glass of iced water is sweating on the wet and wrinkled cocktail napkin beneath it. In six days, I’ll be toasting my 7th anniversary of sobriety. I may even get fancy on that day by adding a lemon slice to my water glass.

From the looks of the room, as we leave the port and head in the direction of the sunset, tall sweating glasses of iced water are the only thing that don’t quite qualify for the two for one festivity. Seems they’re apparently even void of the complementary bowl of mixed nuts. Still, with the singing laughter coming from the bar, I raise my class with a festive cheer and a smile that is all mine.

Bon Voyage, Merry Christmas, and Peace for a world that that could use more than its share of two for one servings of love as we close out this year and begin 2017. Do whatever you can to make a difference in someone’s day, even if only to share an eye to eye smile with a stranger. Open your arms… the world could use a hug. Love to all.