all before sunrise

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©2011 gary

I have a new project. It arrived in the mail.

While wearing my Wayfarers at 6:32AM this morning, I opened the manila envelope addressed to me. Inside was my new sketchbook and the official greeting to The 2012 Sketchbook Project. Coffee and a wrath of imaginative brainstorming quickly followed, all before the sun decided to rise.

As I break loose with immense doodling and gesso painting, I’ll post my progress and hope you’ll drop in for a peek.

In January, my sketchbook will be one of several making the Global Sketchbook Gallery and Museum Tour that begins in April of 2012. Following it’s world tour, my book be permanently added to the collection of The Brooklyn Art Library.

My Wayfarers will not be making the tour. Doodle on.

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