all run together

Days and gifts all run together.

For my birthday, I received several packages of whole bean coffee. Sipping from a hot cup of java is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s right up there with watching classic cinema, listening to music on vinyl records, and taking road trips. Each defines me.

Before my life of sobriety, which now defines me more than anything, beer too was once on my favorites list. I still enjoy an occasional tall chilled glass from time to time. The difference is that today it’s poured from the non-alcoholic variety.

Yesterday I was ready to enjoy some of my birthday French Roast when I noticed that dreaded green sticker on top of the package. It read: Decaffeinated. “Decaffeinated French Roast?” Aside from it seeming like such an oxymoron my discovery released a vocal reaction of “….ahhhhhhhh!” But just as I had with N/A beers, I found the perfect place for that green-labeled beast in my life. I ran the water, ground the beans, and brewed a large pot last night. It was the perfect accompaniment for the mid-week after dinner tiramisu that our daughter made for dessert. The coffee, the company, the moment… all perfect.

I’ve always been a visual person, a visual learner, and one who just needs vision in my life. Sometimes however, the experience far outweighs the importance of the packaging. Regardless how it’s wrapped, days and gifts all run together.

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