beautiful life again

the restoration

the restoration ©2011 Gary Garbett

I find the greatest beauty and joy in bringing life back to something discarded and abandoned.

After searching for quite some time, I was finally able to locate the perfect vintage 1944 Arvin dinette set on the evening of December 23. Beneath its scratches, rust, tape, stickers, and years of neglect, I knew there was something there. With very little time before loading the sleigh, I had my work cut out for me. After lots of elbow grease, steel wool, oil, lemon juice, flip flops, late night secret hours, fresh paint, and lots of care and love, I managed to refinish one chair by the late hours of Christmas Eve.

It really is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to refinishing the rest of the set. Santa pulled it off for another year.

Quite a lot has happened and changed in the world since this 1944 set left its U.S.A. assembly line. Beautiful however still remains beautiful.


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  1. Cass-Andra Pruett
    December 28, 2011

    Looks great! Jess wants to know where you got your floor fan.
    this is his artist page:


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