A Best Friend’s Promise

Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in A Passing Glimpse

Focus ©2013 Gary Garbett

It’s been nearly one year to the day from that hot and humid Saturday afternoon when I met one of the best friends I’ve ever known. The day was probably as much a surprise to him as it was to me. Then again, perhaps none of that really ever crossed his mind. He simply followed his natural instinct to believe and to trust.

Although our introduction was totally unexpected, we bonded from the start. To add to my surprise and maybe his, in just four months time, I would adopt him along with all of his individual little quirks, his bright eyed spirited gazes, and his unspoiled life loving character. Never once have I second guessed my decision.

Laughing at the World

Laughing at the World ©2013 Gary Garbett

Zero and I spent last week vacationing along the Chesapeake, just where the bay meets the Atlantic. The timing couldn’t have been better. I needed to clear my calendar by disconnecting from deadlines, tasks, powerpoint presentations, and the consumption of media, politics, and worldly and backyard crisis’. Our time away was beyond healthy. I found myself laughing more than I had in a long, long time. And while I still believe I did nothing wrong, I was scolded by my 15 lb. friend on Tuesday evening after leaving him home alone for two hours while I shopped at a local record store. How dare me? Fortunately, all ills were forgiven and any grudges resolved with a single peanut butter dog biscuit and swim in the ocean. The world was once again at peace.

Puppy Dreams

Puppy Dreams ©2013 Gary Garbett

Our time away was every bit of that. Away. We both danced together to an unending queue of great music, hiked miles and miles of scenic trails, caught afternoon naps in the warmth of sand and sunshine, and we drove with the windows down along Shore Drive. In the odd event that we happened to forget, each day reminded us of our escape with a constant gentle breeze whisked in from the ocean.

Of all the things that thrill me the most about our friendship, is that it never once has included beeping, buzzing, or dinging notices of a new voicemail, email, or text message. We still however maintain to be completely connected everyday.

To this day, I’m still not totally convinced that I’m solely the one responsible for our shared promise. Part of me wants to believe that Zero stepped up and adopted me on that same day. Either way, it was a win for us both. Our relationship is oddly enough a mirrored reflection of that week we spent at the bay. It’s always honest, loving, face-to-face, unplugged, and never requires a status update.

If he ever does need to leave one, I’m sure it will always read the same. Good boy.

Best Friends

Best Friends ©2013 Gary Garbett