blue collared hero

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Father’s Day Hero ©2012 Gary Garbett

My father meant the world to me. As years continue to pass, I’ve come to understand that more and more. Dad was a regular blue-collar kinda guy. He worked hard with his hands, and loved his family. He was also known to have a few days when he was the farthest thing from being an angel. Still though, he was my hero and my teacher of lessons, honesty, and hard work. He made sure I understood the importance of always being the man I saw in the mirror, not someone fake.

If there was ever a man of his word, it was my father. And when he gave it to you, you could count on that word and him. Period. He taught me that whenever I had one of those days when I did something wrong, it was my responsibility to own it, all of it, and to do whatever it took to make everything right again… if not, better. Apologies, love, forgiveness, and sincerity are life essentials. He taught me the value of each one.

It’s been 20 years since I spent Father’s Day with Dad. I miss those Sunday afternoons that we’d regularly spend together just as much as I miss his smile. I still believe in heroes, especially mine.

Thanks Pop. Happy Father’s Day.

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