best i can

Relaxation has never come easy for me. I’ve always been one of those “I must always be doing something” sorts of people. I love working for the university. It forces me to take time off when the campus is closed. This year with the way the holidays fell on the calendar and my adding four […]

i do

I believe in great, great things.

cadillacs and santa

It may not be what he uses to make his runs on the 24th of December, but occasionally you know he’s opting for some Skynyrd, cruise control, and horsepower over reindeer power. Cruise on big man.

condiments and extras

Options, variations, and extras turn the common and ordinary into something significant. I make an effort to do what I can to order from life’s menu board everyday… always adding condiments. Now serving #27.

seen light

During my morning walk it dawned on me that the best way for me to actually see the light is to open my eyes and stare directly into it. Interestingly I practice the exact same rule with those things in the dark.

sprinkling a dash of color

We’re smack in the middle of a season that welcomes, invites, and gifts enormous color. I’ve decided to spend a few days just walking around with a Mason jar with a tightly fitting lid to bottle up any ignored beautiful color that I see. I’ll store all of the jars in a safe place high […]