truths of a late night

©2011 gary Being truthful demands persistence. It sits rightthere next to credibility. Honesty. It’s a willingness to act on what you meanby also relaying the information as factual. Truth. My second grade historybook told me of George Washington becoming president because of his truthfulnature. Makes me wonder if he’d lied about that cherry tree gig […]

casting days

©2011 gary Fishing holes and calendar days are incredibly similar. Despite having a plan for either, the events of the experience are never really certain. There have been days where I exceeded my daily limit before 9AM. Others weren’t as rewarding and I’ve even lost my bobber on some. The splendor of days is that […]

today is from yesterday

waiting on brunch ©2011 gary Today was spent with my past. After receiving a phone call earlier this week about a hurried attempt for a family reunion, we made the hour and a half drive to be outdoors, sit in lawn chairs under big shade trees, and spend time with people that I haven’t seen […]

a promised reprise

lights on in apt 317©2011 gary The next few days promise me a reprise from my regular routine. What I’ll be doing with the freedom of a clockwork schedule isn’t quite sure. There’s been an interest recently to obtain a few things in my life, some of which certainly seem a bit out of the norm. […]

ticking clocks of passion

©2011 gary Juliet’s Romeo, Martin Luther King, my brother, Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp, a scarecrow, Neil Young, the soldier. Men of passion leave pages behind in history books, diaries, and liner notes; hold the hand of those in need; think differently but creatively; offer yes ma’am and sir without hesitation; are caregivers; believe in today; make […]

summer, sunday, fire, and smoke

©2011 gary Yesterday I slowed the hurried pace and made time for myself to take a deep breathe. It smelled just like grilled pineapple, vidalia, mushroom, and pork shish kabobs on the Weber charcoal grill.