a day to imagine

I was in my early 20s, sitting in my Oldsmobile on a blacktopped parking lot, listening to the radio, and savoring a few minutes before punching the time clock prior to my shift at the factory. Looking back, it seems fitting that a disc jockey would break the news to me. It was foreign. Shocking. […]

promises of paths

I’ve spent nearly a year posting to this daily blog. It’s been a wonderful learning experience on so many levels. First and foremost, the idea of posting at least one image a day was a dedication and commitment for me to work creatively every single day. It worked. Idle time has never served me very […]

adapting with time

I’ve used an iPad as a consumable device for more than a year. It’s great for entertaining me with my music, watching films, staying connected with my numerous email accounts, the office, countless social media interweavings, and the glorious hours of mind numbingness that only the web or reality TV could provide. I’d convinced myself […]

include the win

Some days are more worthy of flag waving than others.

season’s change

The first frost of the season arrived last night, as did the season’s first comfort food. My altered homemade Sheppard’s Pie was easily a notch or two just above the mark of delicious. Both the change in the weather and the food reminded me of traditions. Much like everything, you can’t expect traditions or seasons […]

saturday faces

©2011 gary garbett.com Autumn Saturdays are filled with faces of spirit.