believing to believe

Peaks, plateaus, seasons, weather, and time changes. Each have a way of creating awareness, discipline, and patience. Those few seconds of dead space between two songs on an album is a resting place for a mental breath. Listening to Pink Floyd’s Division Bell this morning I discovered a similar place purposely positioned within several songs. […]

morning bokah

Worn out faces, Don’t care what the pace is. And Settlin’ Down, Poco From my Seen Lyrics series.

taking a spin with george harrison

©2011 gary Music centers me. From the time I was a little boy, it always has. I get lost in it and it simply finds my soul. I’ve had my share of music devices over the years from numerous record players, a lime green portable AM radio with a thin plastic wrist strap, chrome retractable antenna, […]

blurred transit

©2011 gary I heard Jackson Browne’s Load Out playing on the radio. Maybe this should be his next album cover.


©2011 gary