art viewing me viewing art

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I’ve had days where I’ve wondered if I was the one viewing the art. Then other days it seems to be just the other way around.

best i can

Relaxation has never come easy for me. I’ve always been one of those “I must always be doing something” sorts of people. I love working for the university. It forces me to take time off when the campus is closed. This year with the way the holidays fell on the calendar and my adding four […]

creatively hip

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Six days ago, I began my mission to transform our unused upstairs bedroom into a comfortable creative space… a place to listen to music, to write, to read, to think, to sew, and just a place of focused creativity. For nearly two years we’ve used the vacant room primarily for storage. Last Sunday, with a […]

chock filled

I dig being surrounded by those environments that create energy. Good energy. I crave it. I find it in good people, good spaces, good music, good art, and good days of me. Certain times of the day are chock filled with it. Late nights and early mornings book end it. My studios absorb it, even […]

threads of neverminds

I added a sewing machine to my studio last week. It’s my new creative tool. I spent months researching numerous machines before finally committing to my Brother machine. A big thank-you to Angie at Little Voice for her great recommendations. Be sure to take a look at her wonderful creative work. After purchasing my machine, it […]

days follow one another

I spent the morning listening to Santana and Bootsy Collins on vinyl while my best furry friends ran about the house. The scents from a steaming pot of freshly ground coffee and a sage candle filled the air; autumn light streamed in warming the studio, and I prepared to launch of my new online gallery. […]