just a man

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be lots of things in my life. Unquestionably, one of those things I’m most proud of was the younger version of myself as a youthful, dedicated, full on, wrap my world around it Dad. In my children’s bright young eyes, they made me feel like I was their superhero. In […]

silent celebration

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in A Passing Glimpse, black and white, life, love | 4 Comments

Yesterday I made a two-hour drive to say my goodbyes to a longtime friend. Most of my drive was spent listening to the silence of my thoughts equally balanced with the soft hum of the road. An overflow of memories was my co-pilot. The emotional evening was a celebration of lives touched by a beautiful, […]

grit and essence

The most memorable photographs are seldom those with the sharpest amount of image detail or the ones with the most glamorous model posed with a sultry suggesting mood. Those images that best speak to me often do so with unintended grit, beautiful flaws, and an unstaged real life essence that draws me in and keeps […]

finding beauty

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I met a new friend today. She needed somewhere to call home. I obliged.

pondering thoughts

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Upon dashing towards the door, I grabbed my coffee as I filled a bag with fruit for my lunch. That’s when I saw her. A lovely blonde with big wavy curls dressing up my bag of grapes while sporting the brightest red Santa hat I’ve ever seen. Her lips were the only thing redder. I […]

Do Ya?

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Life is chock full of uncertainties, ponders, and Google searches. Today, while Zero and I were on our quickened pace and heading towards the end of our four mile hike, a kind middle aged stranger approached us. His warm smile delivered his pondering thought. “Have you ever heard that phrase “Walking the Dog”? I’ve heard […]