celebrating the happies

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My new $8 thrift store Cuisinart mini food processor is helping out with Taco Night. And if that weren’t beautiful enough, Zero’s had two and a half consecutive days of new pup housebreaking success. He’s the happiest puppy in the world. Life is beyond good and winning is just winning. Pass the salsa‚Ķ we’re celebrating.

sum of the day

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My tendency has always been to load up my two-day weekend checklist far beyond any possibility of achievement. For whatever the reason, this weekend has been different. Saturday offered a perfect day for relaxing. After more than seven hours of listening to vinyl records and playing with my buddies, the hour hand began to cast […]

the look of goodness

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I spend fewer days in the studio than I wish I could. Life has a fascinating way of getting in it’s own way sometimes. Those days when I am able to lock myself away in that creative place are treasures. Today was one of those days. When I’m able to share that time with my […]

eclectic breakfast

I treated myself to a few of the things that I love most this morning – music and cooking. As a result, my Saturday morning looked a little like this. Scrambled eggs with tabbouleh and feta folded in and sprinkled with parmesan; crispy turkey bacon; toasted oatmeal bread topped with a friend’s delicious homemade lavender […]

still on holiday

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I’m a lucky guy who has some of the greatest pets known to man, at least to this man. Ask another man and I’m sure there’d a be debate. Still on holiday vacation, I decided to treat the critters and I to fried ham and eggs for breakfast this morning. Everyone was more than pleased. […]

a calming storm

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Yesterday, the morning was filled with plenty of rain, a coffee pot of endless cups, a collection of Bogart films, mental down time, and a nap. A shade of blue and sunshine surprised the afternoon. It opened a window for the pups and I to take a walk to the mail box. We watched our […]