just a man

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be lots of things in my life. Unquestionably, one of those things I’m most proud of was the younger version of myself as a youthful, dedicated, full on, wrap my world around it Dad. In my children’s bright young eyes, they made me feel like I was their superhero. In […]

defining self. remembering others.

Between the news I heard last week and the question I was asked this morning, I’ve spent much of today taking a far closer look than normal at myself. Following my morning coffee, weeding through emails, and a few good morning kisses from the pups, I headed out the door for Sunday worship. Recently I’ve missed […]

celebrates a past

A friend left a sentimental posting for the world to read this morning. “Happy Birthday Daddy. I still miss you every day.” I was touched by her two short sentences. They reminded me of my father. Ironically, I was just thinking of my father yesterday. Becoming lost in thought and the warm autumn sunlight during […]

cadence and remembrance

©2011 gary garbett.com My son and I made our annual Virginia Tech run this weekend for our father and son football weekend. As we do every year, Saturday began early with a three and a half hour road trip to Blacksburg. Filled with hours of great music, laughs, and good conversation, those hours never seem quite […]

beyond minutes

©2011 gary garbett.com Minutes move forward with the passing of a second hand, most becoming faded and eventually lost. Moments however are something totally different. They encourage, inspire, motivate, engage, teach, and balance us. Moments, not minutes, are the greatest way of telling time.