saving daylight

I’m enjoying the light while I can. I hear the clock ticking and darkness is sure to arrive sooner than yesterday.

one foot in front of the other

2011 gary I rarely give much thought about the motivation driving me to place one foot in front of the other. It’s taken for granted as something I’m simply expected to do. I doubt that it’s necessary to evaluate every single step, but I want to believe in something bigger than expectation or “just because”. […]

favorites mark the season

©2011 gary Today has been one of those deserving kinda days. A rare day of relaxing and well needed rest. Although the calendar mark of autumn is a few days away, today has been a perfect mid season day. Perching themselves in the windowsills, the cats have enjoyed their naps while taking in the seasonable fresh air. […]

together alone

©2011 gary The opposites I captured here interest me. The arm in arm moment of the Saturday morning couple is the counter balance found in the foreground vacancy of the lone table for one.