silent celebration

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in A Passing Glimpse, black and white, life, love | 4 Comments

Yesterday I made a two-hour drive to say my goodbyes to a longtime friend. Most of my drive was spent listening to the silence of my thoughts equally balanced with the soft hum of the road. An overflow of memories was my co-pilot. The emotional evening was a celebration of lives touched by a beautiful, […]

celebrating the happies

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My new $8 thrift store Cuisinart mini food processor is helping out with Taco Night. And if that weren’t beautiful enough, Zero’s had two and a half consecutive days of new pup housebreaking success. He’s the happiest puppy in the world. Life is beyond good and winning is just winning. Pass the salsa… we’re celebrating.

imperfectly beautiful

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I believe in second chances far more than abandonment. Fewer days thrill me more than those where I can take something that’s been discarded, breathe new life in it, and have it resuscitate the same in me. I’m constantly surrounded by hand me downs, throwaways, secondhand left behinds, and rescues… each by choice. With their […]

digging that kid

I’ve spent the past few weeks cataloging my record album collection and database. It’s been sort of like attending a 40-year high school reunion without the awkwardness or the nametags. I dig the musicians and their art that helped sculpt the boy I once was into the man I’ve become today. Aside from decades of […]

defining self. remembering others.

Between the news I heard last week and the question I was asked this morning, I’ve spent much of today taking a far closer look than normal at myself. Following my morning coffee, weeding through emails, and a few good morning kisses from the pups, I headed out the door for Sunday worship. Recently I’ve missed […]

condiments and extras

Options, variations, and extras turn the common and ordinary into something significant. I make an effort to do what I can to order from life’s menu board everyday… always adding condiments. Now serving #27.