surviving the silence

While my wife vacationed in Cancun with her parents this past week, I spent a great deal of time with my thoughts and myself. I’ve changed a lot since I was a younger man. Then again, I haven’t changed much at all. My wild and frenzied week of being home alone looked vaguely similar to this. I […]

eclectic breakfast

I treated myself to a few of the things that I love most this morning – music and cooking. As a result, my Saturday morning looked a little like this. Scrambled eggs with tabbouleh and feta folded in and sprinkled with parmesan; crispy turkey bacon; toasted oatmeal bread topped with a friend’s delicious homemade lavender […]

digging that kid

I’ve spent the past few weeks cataloging my record album collection and database. It’s been sort of like attending a 40-year high school reunion without the awkwardness or the nametags. I dig the musicians and their art that helped sculpt the boy I once was into the man I’ve become today. Aside from decades of […]

pre-game warm up

In preparation for the weekend playoff games, I spent some quality time in the kitchen today for a little pre-game warm up. My homemade chili and skillet baked salsa cheddar cornbread are ready and waiting for the coin toss. The afternoon cooking soundtrack had a number of LP fare on the menu from southern rock […]

best i can

Relaxation has never come easy for me. I’ve always been one of those “I must always be doing something” sorts of people. I love working for the university. It forces me to take time off when the campus is closed. This year with the way the holidays fell on the calendar and my adding four […]

approval to ride

I made my annual trek to the service station this morning for the Commonwealth’s approval to drive my truck on their roads. At nearly 16 years old, she passed the state inspection with flying colors again. I never had any doubts, though it does call for celebration. It means we’ll share more road stories, more […]