sum of the day

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My tendency has always been to load up my two-day weekend checklist far beyond any possibility of achievement. For whatever the reason, this weekend has been different. Saturday offered a perfect day for relaxing. After more than seven hours of listening to vinyl records and playing with my buddies, the hour hand began to cast […]

Do Ya?

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Life is chock full of uncertainties, ponders, and Google searches. Today, while Zero and I were on our quickened pace and heading towards the end of our four mile hike, a kind middle aged stranger approached us. His warm smile delivered his pondering thought. “Have you ever heard that phrase “Walking the Dog”? I’ve heard […]

day of busy

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Some would call a visit to the vet, a four mile hike, a warm bath, a lazy nap in a soft bed next to the fireplace, a car ride in the sunshine, and enjoying a cookie in the shape of a bone a day of busy. We just call it today. Looking forward is often […]

Returned Goodness

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I’m not usually one that reads too terribly much into patterns or numbers. Common human nature though seems to look for signs, especially when turning over a New Year. Yesterday was a prime example. I found two like new Polaroid cameras at two different thrift stores on day two of this New Year. It was […]

best i can

Relaxation has never come easy for me. I’ve always been one of those “I must always be doing something” sorts of people. I love working for the university. It forces me to take time off when the campus is closed. This year with the way the holidays fell on the calendar and my adding four […]

still on holiday

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I’m a lucky guy who has some of the greatest pets known to man, at least to this man. Ask another man and I’m sure there’d a be debate. Still on holiday vacation, I decided to treat the critters and I to fried ham and eggs for breakfast this morning. Everyone was more than pleased. […]