approval to ride

I made my annual trek to the service station this morning for the Commonwealth’s approval to drive my truck on their roads. At nearly 16 years old, she passed the state inspection with flying colors again. I never had any doubts, though it does call for celebration. It means we’ll share more road stories, more […]

eleven 11

Seemed only appropriate to turn it up to eleven today, even at the office. Rock and roll, liner notes, and a backstage pass… all the way to 11.

days follow one another

I spent the morning listening to Santana and Bootsy Collins on vinyl while my best furry friends ran about the house. The scents from a steaming pot of freshly ground coffee and a sage candle filled the air; autumn light streamed in warming the studio, and I prepared to launch of my new online gallery. […]

61 mph and her name

©2011 gary It’s been nearly two years since my mid century mark and the celebratory used MINI Cooper purchase for having survived and lived that long. I’ve never had more people ask, “what’s her name?” than with any other car I’ve ever owned. As if I don’t have other things to be concerned with in […]

battened hatches, stones, and hurricanes

©2011 gary With the coming of Irene, I battened down the hatches. My hunkering down in my home office with a piping cup of French Roast, a bubbling lava lamp, the Rolling Stones in Exile documentary, and the pups resting at my feet with their favorite cookies is a true test of nerves. I’m thinking of all […]

a day of demons and wayfarers

©2011 gary During my years of growing older many things have changed. Some things however never go out of style. Happy Birthday Gene Simmons.