storing tomorrows

Some days are more memorable than others. I’m sure this is some sort of emotional safety mechanism. If every day was better than yesterday, we’d have little need, if any, for keepsakes, journals, love songs, shoe boxes filled with snapshots, or yesterday’s mementos. We need each and every one of those. They provide us with […]

data crunching and game 7

I spent last night refining my blog migration and crunching data into the late hours as sleet lightly made it’s presence on my windowsill. I also watched the end of summer officially came to a close with the St. Louis Cardinals winning the 2011 World Series in game seven as I sat with my pups, […]

days of firsts

First Triathlon©2011 gary Firsts are valuable. They start something. They set a presence, a tone, a place tobegin, improve, remember, and to learn from. A book’s story begins at the firstpage, not the last. A first kiss is often remembered. As important as they arehowever, we can’t rely solely on firsts. There needs to be […]

summer eats draw closer to close

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©2011 gary Following Irene’s rage along the east coast yesterday, much of today was spent cleaning up remnants from her path. Afterwards I picked what few vegetables were ready from our garden. Our crop is certainly thinning and the plants are beginning their fade to their autumn camouflage. The summer days are getting shorter, but […]

summer relief

©2011 gary After fully detailing her two months ago, she’s been sitting under a cover ever since. Yesterday morning she and I changed that over a Tom Petty soundtrack. ….vroooom!