chock filled

night day

night day ©2011 Gary Garbett

I dig being surrounded by those environments that create energy. Good energy. I crave it. I find it in good people, good spaces, good music, good art, and good days of me. Certain times of the day are chock filled with it. Late nights and early mornings book end it. My studios absorb it, even on those days when I fail to locate the energy or the studio.

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday converting our son’s old bedroom into a brand new studio space for my sewing room and misfit dolls creation. The space has gone unused for nearly two years and it’s exciting to have life breathing in it again. It’s chock filled with a healthy mix of old and new energy, lots of good light, gorgeous guitars, inspiring art, classic cinema, vintage toys, discarded fabrics, my sewing machine …and a vcr player. The space is a welcome mat for creativity.

There looks to be plenty good days of me ahead.

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