digging that kid

show and tell

show and tell ©2012 Gary Garbett

I’ve spent the past few weeks cataloging my record album collection and database. It’s been sort of like attending a 40-year high school reunion without the awkwardness or the nametags. I dig the musicians and their art that helped sculpt the boy I once was into the man I’ve become today. Aside from decades of gained “life” knowledge and grayer hair, there’s really not too much different between the two of us.

My collection represents me. It really is a mish mash of genres, trends, classics, oddities, and accented with its share of one hit wonders, all of which I still believe in. From the time I first began collecting records, I’ve always taken great care of them. Most still have their original shrink-wrap including the advertising sticker that reads, “Includes poster and an eight page collector booklet”. Although the music is essential, great package design has always intrigued me and been equally as important. Several albums in my collection are there strictly because of their packaging and art.

Long before the internet or telephones for your pocket, I’d spend hours and hours on a regular basis studying my heroes through the pages of rock and roll magazines and by flipping through rows and rows of record albums at locally owned record stores. Spending the past few days sorting through thousands of liner notes and deep grooves has been a welcomed reunion with some damn fine music, some which I’ve not heard in years. It’s also been a reawakening with a medium I’ve never ever been very far from. I’m pretty fond of that kid I grew up with. He spent hours each day absorbing a world of music through his turntable. It makes me even happier today, knowing that he still does.

I brought a 1970s Creem Magazine to the office today that I stumbled across during my cataloging. I’ve decided to resurrect show and tell… just because I can. Peace!

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