Fine Tuning A Creative Life

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in A Passing Glimpse
New day shines

New Day Shines ©2016 Gary Garbett

Exploring and learning is the center of my constant personal creative path. I live there. As a lifelong music fan and collector, I’ve wanted to play guitar for more than 4 decades.
Seems it’s time.

With plenty of encouragement from a great friend over the past couple of years, I got the bug that I’ve been waiting for and finally committed to playing just over a year ago. His friendship has been so influential with hours and hours of teaching me loads of guitar technical stuff, sharing musical influences, and showing me how to maintain my instruments. There is still a mess load that I need to learn, but I’m now making sounds and much further along than I’ve ever been. I’m thrilled to have finally added this 6 string creative outlet to my artistic journey.


Tackling the Tak ©2016 Gary Garbett

Over the past day, I fully detailed several of my guitars. I even went as far as to challenge myself to break out the tools to make a few truss rod adjustments. My uncharted challenge worked like a charm. Measuring now at 3/32 on the 12th fret, the action is perfect on both guitars. I was so jazzed about my learning escapade.
For you longtime players, this task probably seems like a minor feat. For me though, it was a stick out my chest kinda win and reminded me of the feeling that I had when I changed the motor oil in my very first car all by myself. Yeeeeessss!

Oh and that car… it was a chocolate brown 1965 American Motors Rambler Classic with mini chrome tail fins and a 3 speed manual transmission on the column. It showed it’s 12 year share of dings and milage, but yes, I detailed the heck out of that $300 ride every weekend. Every weekend.

I am such a goober for self-maintenance projects. Ask anyone who’s known me through the years and they’ll tell you that I have been a detail focused geek all my life, perhaps even a bit anal retentive about it. Okay, I proudly own that… but for now, it’s time for a little practice. Missed chord or not, get that tour bus ready. I dig this stuff.

Guild Champagne Sparkle

Seeing Red ©2016 Gary Garbett