pondering thoughts

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Pretty Lady ©2013 Gary Garbett

Upon dashing towards the door, I grabbed my coffee as I filled a bag with fruit for my lunch. That’s when I saw her. A lovely blonde with big wavy curls dressing up my bag of grapes while sporting the brightest red Santa hat I’ve ever seen. Her lips were the only thing redder. I paused my hurried pace for a moment …just to stop and stare. Then after taking another sip from my coffee, I pondered about what it all meant. At least for a second or two. Maybe even three.

After arriving at my office, it dawned on me that perhaps those who in their own hurried pace, visit my little slice of cubicle heaven may just pause at my mid 20th century pop culture office decor to ponder similar thoughts.

The world has something for everyone. Ponder away.


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