Though we live in a world filled with color, the inherent beauty, richness, and depth of the story that black and white photography delivers has always been a favorite of mine.

Less is often more.

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Self Portrait

Self Portrait ©2013 Gary Garbett
I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be lots of things in my life. Unquestionably, one of those things I’m most proud of was the younger version of myself as a youthful, dedicated, full on, wrap my world around it Dad. In my children’s bright and spirited eyes, they always made me feel like a superhero. In reality however, I was just a man doing my best with what I had, at being Daddy. With our children well into their young adult lives now, my superhero days have long passed. Even though I never really had the chance to wear a cool cape or fancy boots, I still have fond memories of those years. They were easily the most inspiring, creative, and loving times of my life. Super powers aren’t just for comic book heroes.Live life. It gives far more back when you do.



Met Him at a Yard Sale ©2012 Gary Garbett


3:16 NYC ©2013 Gary Garbett

And Lace

And Lace ©2012 Gary Garbett

Passing Scarlett

Passing Scarlett ©2013 Gary Garbett


The Calm ©2013 Gary Garbett

23rd Street

23rd Street ©2013 Gary Garbett


Vintage ©2013 Gary Garbett


People Move ©2013 Gary Garbett


Trifecta ©2013 Gary Garbett