Images Move

I'm a collector.

Cameras, art, music, road trips, and good days generally always top my lists. My collection gathers pieces, pasts, moments, and stories. Together they bring atmosphere to my studio and to my days.

Each of my secondhand cameras has a tale. I suppose they're actually more like secrets. They've seen special moments, amazingly normal places, and people… all famous, even if only to the one behind the viewfinder. Each of these cameras and their tales are timekeepers of beauty and unique character.

Days and people are exactly the same. I relate.

Have a thought or just want to drop a line. Please do.

My Father’s Son from Gary Garbett on Vimeo.

My Father’s Son

A short film celebrating a genuine relationship between a father and his son.
A special thank you to Josh Woodward for providing the perfect score.


People Move from Gary Garbett on Vimeo.

People Move

A recent short film inspired by walking through NYC in the rain.
Score by Tyler Crowley. Words and images by Gary Garbett.


Life Sounds Groovy from Gary Garbett on Vimeo.

Life Sounds Groovy

After a bit of elbow grease, some polish, and a few hours of love, this 1969 Grundig Portugal II stereo console that I scored at a yard sale for $12 turned into a stunner. With Hi-Fi AM/FM stereo, built-in turntable, a push button chromed out console, 4 speakers, and a gorgeous wooden cabinet, life sounds exactly the way that it should. Groovy.


Believe from Gary Garbett on Vimeo.


On September 11, 2011, I was fortunate to spend hours of moments in thought. This short film documents an amazing car ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway and the incredible value I found in a few ordinary moments.

You’ve gotta believe in something. I do.


game day from Gary Garbett on Vimeo.

Game Day

With another season of fantasy football upon us, I devoted nearly an entire Saturday to a self promotion short film about the greatest fantasy team in my office cubicle. We’re a long way from matching the swag volume of teams from the rust belt, bean town, or any place claiming to be America’s team. But we have a tagline that instills fear amongst other cubicle club owners.
“You may want to wear your shades today. It’s gonna get Sunni”


Self Portrait

Self Portrait ©2013 Gary Garbett