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Instant Pair ©2012 Gary Garbett

In the heyday  of Polaroid’s instant camera days, this just wouldn’t have happened.
Today I took a digital image of this pair of cameras. I then processed the RAW data to represent an 800 ASA color film look. Afterwards I posted the image to the web where I could share to the world that I’d added two more vintage instant film cameras to my stable today.

I can’t decide if goodness follows me or I follow goodness. #px600


  1. Casey
    August 25, 2012

    Do you shoot with your Porlaroids? I have one and I wasn’t sure if you can still get film for them. I also have a Kodak instant camera that I am not sure where to get film from.

  2. Gary Garbett
    August 25, 2012

    Hey Casey,
    Yes, I shoot with my Polaroids. I’ve purchased film on eBay and a great resource is


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