silent celebration

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Day of Whiskers ©2013 Gary Garbett

Yesterday I made a two-hour drive to say my goodbyes to a longtime friend. Most of my drive was spent listening to the silence of my thoughts equally balanced with the soft hum of the road. An overflow of memories was my co-pilot.

The emotional evening was a celebration of lives touched by a beautiful, spirited, and love filled woman. Selfishness always seems to get in the way when I unexpectedly lose a loved one. My thoughts are always the same, wishing I’d had the chance to say goodbye.

With fewer than twenty days marked from the calendar this New Year, most have been filled with unexpected love, including these past few days of recent loss.

A gorgeous bright moonlight assisted my headlights in lighting the long rural road trip home. Just as I had done earlier in the day, my co-pilot was once again the silence of memories, this time though, they were paired with many tears of love. A life’s celebration continues.


  1. Tom
    January 19, 2013

    I love your posts… You say things that I feel, but often can’t put into words…

    • Gary Garbett
      January 19, 2013

      Thank you, Thom. Some times the words roll right off. Other times, I have to find them. The later often gives me a better insight to myself.
      Thanks for your good words and the follow. Peace.

  2. Hope
    January 20, 2013

    I agree with Thom, so often when I read something your wrote I realize I’ve oftened shared those feelings but couldn’t express them the way you manage to do. The loss of a friend is never easy.

    • Gary Garbett
      January 21, 2013

      Thank you Hope. I really appreciate you following along.


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