forgotten or forgiven

As another year rapidly starts it’s unwind, I’ve already begun my reflection of the path I’ve taken over the past twelve months. There’s always hope that the next hash mark of time will miraculously differ from the past. Hopefulness and forgiveness move me forward.

black friday with orange and yellow and red

I saved ten bucks on a $20 pair of gloves at Southern States this morning. That was my contribution to the economy and my big Black Friday score. They came in mighty handy since I spent eight hours afterwards working in the yard. The homestead grounds are completely winterized and in true Black Friday tradition, […]

autumn survival

©2011 gary The cooler days of autumn have arrived. Yesterday I made an attempt to remedy this seasonal drudgery with pot of homemade pinto bean, grilled chicken, and brown rice soup. Serving it up with a dollop of sour cream, saltines, Vermont white cheddar, freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, an ice cold O’douls and an afternoon […]

autumn grace

©2011 gary Seems as though autumn has arrived. There was a nip of chill in the air this morning. The dogs came running inside quickly after their morning business. Their paws wet from the dew-draped grass. The light is different too with its orange yellow cast. Time is calm. I find warmth and gratitude in these sort of days. […]