Winter Survival

Winter Survival

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I have a list of favorite things that wrap themself around my life. Even after deleting a few of those faves from my youthful years, my list still stretches longer than I can reach. Following last night’s wintery weather, I spent today’s lovely Saturday morning with a few of my listed items. Each of these […]

basketball for breakfast

I went out for breakfast today. The daily special was perfect. Petit déjeuner des champions, desayuno de los campeones, or breakfast of champions. Regardless how you say it, it was delicious and I have a date for Saturday night. Go Ram Nation!

no plans but the following

Today calls for serious me time. As a result, I’ve decided to treat myself by stopping on my way home from the office for the bucket-sized cup of delicious 7-11 coffee for under two bucks. After getting home, I’ll turn on all of the sparkling Christmas lights, let the critters out to do their business, […]

half full

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Monday’s deserve these sorts of moments. The sunshine is a double win.

pita is my sunshine

Pita loves the morning sunlight. It warms her. I’m not so sure she gets it, but she does the exact same thing for me. Once again my morning was filled with plenty to be thankful for. Pita, Fleetwood Mac’s Penguin and Souther Hillman Furay’s Trouble in Paradise on vinyl, warm socks, and sunshine are just a […]

so the neighbors say

I’m having a morning where little is said. There’s thinking going on. And coffee.