Winter Survival

Winter Survival

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I have a list of favorite things that wrap themself around my life. Even after deleting a few of those faves from my youthful years, my list still stretches longer than I can reach. Following last night’s wintery weather, I spent today’s lovely Saturday morning with a few of my listed items. Each of these […]

celebrating the happies

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My new $8 thrift store Cuisinart mini food processor is helping out with Taco Night. And if that weren’t beautiful enough, Zero’s had two and a half consecutive days of new pup housebreaking success. He’s the happiest puppy in the world. Life is beyond good and winning is just winning. Pass the salsa… we’re celebrating.

pondering thoughts

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Upon dashing towards the door, I grabbed my coffee as I filled a bag with fruit for my lunch. That’s when I saw her. A lovely blonde with big wavy curls dressing up my bag of grapes while sporting the brightest red Santa hat I’ve ever seen. Her lips were the only thing redder. I […]

constant reminder

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Landscapes, personalities, and refrigerator shelves are a constant reminder that little changes from day to day.

surviving the silence

While my wife vacationed in Cancun with her parents this past week, I spent a great deal of time with my thoughts and myself. I’ve changed a lot since I was a younger man. Then again, I haven’t changed much at all. My wild and frenzied week of being home alone looked vaguely similar to this. I […]

eclectic breakfast

I treated myself to a few of the things that I love most this morning – music and cooking. As a result, my Saturday morning looked a little like this. Scrambled eggs with tabbouleh and feta folded in and sprinkled with parmesan; crispy turkey bacon; toasted oatmeal bread topped with a friend’s delicious homemade lavender […]