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My morning hours were decorated with signs of all kinds. From breakfast sandwich special offers, to signs of direction, faith, sales, political banter, and even a bumper sticker on the car in front of me announcing, “I pooped today.” America loves signs. With all of the continual flow of economic and safety headlines, the signs […]

viewing the dance

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My morning commute is generally made up of miles and miles of light dances. I love the performance.

a calming storm

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Yesterday, the morning was filled with plenty of rain, a coffee pot of endless cups, a collection of Bogart films, mental down time, and a nap. A shade of blue and sunshine surprised the afternoon. It opened a window for the pups and I to take a walk to the mail box. We watched our […]

the clearing

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Following a morning of torrential downpours, the afternoon cleared as I looked to the west.

storing tomorrows

Some days are more memorable than others. I’m sure this is some sort of emotional safety mechanism. If every day was better than yesterday, we’d have little need, if any, for keepsakes, journals, love songs, shoe boxes filled with snapshots, or yesterday’s mementos. We need each and every one of those. They provide us with […]

bearing down with the tools

©2011 gary I’ve come a really long way since my youth, but I’ll never claim to be the most intelligent book in the library. If I were a book though, I’d probably be found somewhere between 640 Home Economics and Family Living and 788 Other Final Products and Packaging. There’s plenty of other stellar stuff […]