A Father’s Reflection

A Father’s Reflection

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While testing my new old school Gossen Luna Pro light meter for the first time yesterday, I was greeted by two highlights. First were the rich and deliciously true light readings for my camera’s exposure settings. The second came with one of the test shots, unveiling a haunting resemblance of my father through my reflection.

rare chance

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Rarely is there a better chance to see the light than with open eyes.

cadillacs and santa

It may not be what he uses to make his runs on the 24th of December, but occasionally you know he’s opting for some Skynyrd, cruise control, and horsepower over reindeer power. Cruise on big man.

night of blue

The night silence is as calm as I could ever imagine.

seen light

During my morning walk it dawned on me that the best way for me to actually see the light is to open my eyes and stare directly into it. Interestingly I practice the exact same rule with those things in the dark.

refreshing youth

I’m a kid at heart, a fifty-two year old one. The idea of an elderly white haired man in a red velvet suit visiting my house to surprise me with a gift wrapped package or two still thrills me. I love the lights of the season, the innocence, and the smell of evergreens and apple […]