secondhand light

After a well needed and successful breather from classes over the past month, today is the beginning of my Spring semester and my yearlong sprint towards a December graduation. Aside from the annual reruns of holiday soundtracks, television programs, mountains of sugar coma sparkly treats, and family fruitcake, I was happy to occasionally locate some quality time […]

Returned Goodness

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I’m not usually one that reads too terribly much into patterns or numbers. Common human nature though seems to look for signs, especially when turning over a New Year. Yesterday was a prime example. I found two like new Polaroid cameras at two different thrift stores on day two of this New Year. It was […]

believing in believing

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A number of Christmases ago, finances were extremely difficult. That particular year, the children and I made handmade ornaments with paper, crayons, white glue, glitter, sequins, and ribbon to decorate our truly meager tree. Hours later, we stepped back from the dusting of glitter on the floor to take a look at our Christmas tree. It was […]

blue collared hero

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My father meant the world to me. As years continue to pass, I’ve come to understand that more and more. Dad was a regular blue-collar kinda guy. He worked hard with his hands, and loved his family. He was also known to have a few days when he was the farthest thing from being an […]

life path and a promise

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I’ve rarely given much thought about the motivation driving me to place one foot in front of the other. I take it for granted as something I’m simply expected to do. Through my years of parenting, I did my best to be the father that I wanted to be, a good one. Looking back now, […]

counting on yesterday

I’m not sure there’s anyone that knows me much better than Santa Claus. It’s almost like he’s inside my head… kinda like we’re one in the same. The jolly guy left several gifts of Christmas pasts this year under our Christmas tree: a 1950’s Magnavox phonograph with AM radio, a 1944 Arvin dinette set, and […]