i do

I believe in great, great things.

cadillacs and santa

It may not be what he uses to make his runs on the 24th of December, but occasionally you know he’s opting for some Skynyrd, cruise control, and horsepower over reindeer power. Cruise on big man.

night of blue

The night silence is as calm as I could ever imagine.

drawing uncovered faith

i found it in fatherhood; in the liner notes of rhythmic black vinyl poetry; in a worn, brown leatherette pocket bible with gold-gilded pages. the inside cover still frames the pencil sketch i drew of jesus in 1966.

believing to believe

Peaks, plateaus, seasons, weather, and time changes. Each have a way of creating awareness, discipline, and patience. Those few seconds of dead space between two songs on an album is a resting place for a mental breath. Listening to Pink Floyd’s Division Bell this morning I discovered a similar place purposely positioned within several songs. […]

morning bokah

Worn out faces, Don’t care what the pace is. And Settlin’ Down, Poco From my Seen Lyrics series.