Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

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From the time I was a little boy, album cover art has inspired me. There is something about the size, the packaging, and the square format that has always intrigued me. It still does. Santa brought me my first record player when I was 3 years old. It was a Beany + Cecil box style […]

Winter Survival

Winter Survival

Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in A Passing Glimpse | 3 Comments

I have a list of favorite things that wrap themself around my life. Even after deleting a few of those faves from my youthful years, my list still stretches longer than I can reach. Following last night’s wintery weather, I spent today’s lovely Saturday morning with a few of my listed items. Each of these […]

sum of the day

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My tendency has always been to load up my two-day weekend checklist far beyond any possibility of achievement. For whatever the reason, this weekend has been different. Saturday offered a perfect day for relaxing. After more than seven hours of listening to vinyl records and playing with my buddies, the hour hand began to cast […]

world saving in three days

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Well into the chapters of my 50’s, I welcomed the challenges that came with my continued life-learning path and enrollment into another Graduate program. Crossing those flashing broad yellow lines of Business and Engineering have certainly intrigued, and sometimes bewildered, my left brain’s creative soul. I brought to our multi-disciplinary cohort however, those things that […]

surviving the silence

While my wife vacationed in Cancun with her parents this past week, I spent a great deal of time with my thoughts and myself. I’ve changed a lot since I was a younger man. Then again, I haven’t changed much at all. My wild and frenzied week of being home alone looked vaguely similar to this. I […]

digging that kid

I’ve spent the past few weeks cataloging my record album collection and database. It’s been sort of like attending a 40-year high school reunion without the awkwardness or the nametags. I dig the musicians and their art that helped sculpt the boy I once was into the man I’ve become today. Aside from decades of […]