Swaying Hugs and a Road Song

Swaying Hugs and a Road Song

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in A Passing Glimpse

The recent snowfall painted a serene backdrop for my lengthy road trip to offer a final goodbye to someone that I’ve known most of my adult life. It seems I’ve lost count, but I know that I’ve attended far more memorial services in the past few years than I have in my entire lifetime. “It’s that circle of life […]

silent celebration

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Yesterday I made a two-hour drive to say my goodbyes to a longtime friend. Most of my drive was spent listening to the silence of my thoughts equally balanced with the soft hum of the road. An overflow of memories was my co-pilot. The emotional evening was a celebration of lives touched by a beautiful, […]

viewing the dance

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My morning commute is generally made up of miles and miles of light dances. I love the performance.

defining self. remembering others.

Between the news I heard last week and the question I was asked this morning, I’ve spent much of today taking a far closer look than normal at myself. Following my morning coffee, weeding through emails, and a few good morning kisses from the pups, I headed out the door for Sunday worship. Recently I’ve missed […]

beneath a blue sky and a green canopy

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Yesterday marked the end of the first week of 2012. The weather and the day were nearly identical to the week before. Almost to the minute from a week earlier, I drove past a cemetery yesterday that I’d driven by on the afternoon of New Years Eve. On a date generally known for celebrating great […]

approval to ride

I made my annual trek to the service station this morning for the Commonwealth’s approval to drive my truck on their roads. At nearly 16 years old, she passed the state inspection with flying colors again. I never had any doubts, though it does call for celebration. It means we’ll share more road stories, more […]