imperfectly beautiful

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I believe in second chances far more than abandonment. Fewer days thrill me more than those where I can take something that’s been discarded, breathe new life in it, and have it resuscitate the same in me. I’m constantly surrounded by hand me downs, throwaways, secondhand left behinds, and rescues… each by choice. With their […]

days of light

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Some days find the greatest light hidden beneath the shadows.

frolic and play

With winter’s great pinnacle just a week away, I uncovered a few seasonal turntable gems that I haven’t played in many, many years. Some are even pressed in red and green wax. Do the joys ever stop? Seems doubtful. I also discovered another seasonal gem online. The holiday Stella site experience and the free retro holiday jazz record […]

twinkle here, twinkle there

Nothing quite puts me in the spirit of trimming the tree and hanging the lights like listening to the lounge piano and strings of Peter Duchin’s Invitation on vinyl. Fah-la-la-la-la . Then again, maybe it’s just the festive time of the year. Still a damn fine listen though.

creatively hip

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Six days ago, I began my mission to transform our unused upstairs bedroom into a comfortable creative space… a place to listen to music, to write, to read, to think, to sew, and just a place of focused creativity. For nearly two years we’ve used the vacant room primarily for storage. Last Sunday, with a […]

chock filled

I dig being surrounded by those environments that create energy. Good energy. I crave it. I find it in good people, good spaces, good music, good art, and good days of me. Certain times of the day are chock filled with it. Late nights and early mornings book end it. My studios absorb it, even […]