tattered. faded. torn. real.

© 2011 Gary Garbett

This is a prototype image of a series I’m beginning to explore. Denim will be the common theme. Some will be full figure pieces while others will have an unusually cropped and abstract quality. The use of negative space will be a primary concentration.
Tattered. Faded. Torn. Stained. Real. These are all things I want to celebrate in the images, both for the blue jeans and those folks wearing them. My hope is to display a pure and honest quality.

With this said, I’ll need subjects and models. Real people and real jeans. If you and your favorite pair of blue jeans are interested, let me know. cheers.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 9, 2011

    just remeber..never jean on jean…its sooooo 80s


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