frivol thankfulness

giving thanks

giving thanks ©2011 Gary Garbett

On this annual day of giving thanks, I have the same list that everyone else seems to have. Family. Loved ones. Health. Freedom.

Each of those are incredibly important, but I also have another list. It’s a lengthy and growing list of far more frivolous items. Each of them may not save the world from any harms, but they’ve all had their moments in my life and I’m damn thankful for each of them. Much like the traditional lists of thanks, I’m willing to bet you have your own trivial list of thanks too.

Mine is far too long to post here, but a few top rankers today include:
$3 thrift store Jos. A. Banks dress slacks
old trucks
nachos loaded with everything …including sour cream and black olives
used record stores
me time
Bootsy Collins
24 oz. of hot 7-11 coffee for under two bucks
dog kisses
rock and roll magazines from the 70s
hair products

Today I wish happiness, peace, and pie to all of those who’ve crossed my path. Whatever’s on your lists, be thankful for it. Especially today …regardless of how frivolous others may find it. Many of those things make us who we are. Different.

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