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Time Is On My Side ©2015 Gary Garbett

Time seems to be a favorite topic that has more than a mess of words and snazzy clichés for us all to live by. There have been countless songs written about it, paintings depicting it, and tales of traveling from one time to another. The list goes on, and on, and on… much like time.

While developing my thesis a few years ago, I jokingly suggested on several occasions that I was going to invent that special doohickey machine that miraculously turned 24 hours in a day into 48. Being in an entrepreneurial-based graduate program, the replies would often start as a lighthearted chuckle, but on occasion, I’d notice dollar sign bubbles pop out from certain folk’s heads.

I must admit, I am a time connoisseur. Wasted time and I don’t get along very well. As a matter of fact…. we don’t get along at all! There once was a time in my life when I’d consistently run on 2-4 hours of sleep a night. Those days have long passed. These days, I sleep longer and better than I ever have. As an older and hopefully wiser man, I’m every bit as productive as I was during those younger days of me… minus those short nightly naps.

Wasted time is simply that. Each day is filled with plenty of distracting time suck and get in the way moments. I certainly don’t need to add any more to mine. I am convinced that being productive is the very reason why I’m here. And so, I am.

I discovered a way to add time to my day a few years ago while working the microwave. For years I would heat my coffee for 1 minute and 45 seconds. Then I came to the conclusion that I would save a wealth of time over the course of my life by pressing 1:44 rather that 1:45. I haven’t quite doubled the hours in my day, but that little half second of time to double press the 4 digit, rather than move my finger to the 5 and then press, has added a wealth of time to the balance of that particular day (or at least that moment)… not to mention the rest of the days or moments in my life. So if I warm 5 cups of coffee in a single day, well…

My using a throwback holiday snowman mug 12 months out of the year may just be another thesis topic should I choose to go back to school for another degree. For now though, time is up and I have things to do.

Those Things That Make Me… Well, Me #14 …Time.