whole life learner

the relax

the relax ©2011 Gary Garbett

I’ve learned quite a bit about myself through the eyes of our pets.

We have two cats and two dogs at our home. They manage to keep everything under control and rarely ask for a whole lot. They’re actually pretty quiet unless it’s dinnertime, or the doorbell rings, or when they step into showoff mode to prove who loves me the most. I can’t recall them ever asking for money, a new sofa, or for a tropical vacation cruise.

Everyone’s pretty content just hanging out. Occasionally the pups and I take field trips to the dump, and on really special mornings we hit a drive thru breakfast place with the truck windows all the way down so the aroma of egg biscuits can easily fill the cab. Each one of our gang loves the warmth of the sunshine, but at the very, very top of their list, spending time together is probably their most favorite thing in life.

I think I’m finally becoming a better learner about this whole life thing.

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